NEW Information

About visiting with children.


Our shop is open to the concept of a space that you can enjoy on "adult wine" for adults.

Basically, drinks also treat wine, alcohol etc. as the main, menus for children and special chairs etc are not prepared. For the above reasons, please visit our store after acknowledging the following contents regarding minors 'visitors' visit.


Our shop will be a small store. Children of a small number of elementary school students who do not inconvenience around us.


We do not offer menus for children, so we will have the same dish as adults.


It may take time to serve when it is busy.


Please refrain from bringing in drinks. (Please use a charged mineral water for drinking water.)


In cases like "Adult 2-course course dishes are taken for children," we will use all a la carte dishes or all-course meals, not course meals.

Sapporini has a wonderful night of adults with a wine,

Have a good time with friends and friends at work, or with lovers, etc

I am hoping to provide a lot of space with smiles and laughter.


Our shop is one hall, one kitchen, dishwasher, (Hoshizaki's small and old type dishwasher)

Two people + one are operating, it will take time to cause you inconvenience

Although I have things, I'd appreciate it if you get drunk as soon as possible and forget about waiting.


As we operate in this situation, so far the normal menu is

We are offering it at your store until 8:30.

In the situation where it is possible to guide the 2nd revolution after full, it is not a normal menu,

We will use it as a simple appetizer.

Though it is truly selfish, thank you for your understanding. In case


In case



What is Sapporini?


1 I do not know well, but a space that calms down somewhat.


2 People are caught up by the aroma of wine and cooking.


3 There are a lot of people laughing at a whim.


4 I do not use expensive ingredients much, but I cook dishes suitable for wine.


There are not a large number of seats (usually 12 seats in the table 4 seats).


There are various things for each person such as, but we are operating like this

We are waiting for your visit from the store.



Zip code 060-0032

Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Kita 2 Azuma 7 - chome 9 - 10


Tel 011-241-5800


Closed holiday Every Wednesday First Thursday


open 18: 00 ~ 24: 00 (open only in the evening)



It will be near Sapporo Factory.




Subway / Tozai bus bus center station Exit number 8

About 10 minutes on foot from Sapporo Factory


From JR Sapporo station / around 15 minutes on foot

I think that it is a taxi / first-rate ride.


JR Ninae Station / about 15 minutes on foot


There is a car / chargeable parking lot within the premises of the Hokkaido Bank, from Times 19 o'clock 100 yen per hour.

  (For details, please click the map and hover the cursor over the red arrow on the map.)


Please use the pay parking lot.

The final start time of the course meal will be until 20:00.

It will be the start after the number of people in the reservation group has been collected. In case

(Example: If four guests are late for three people coming to visit, starting after four guests complete.)


 course menu


3,000 yen per person (excluding tax) Drinks will be charged separately.

(Provided by dishes one by one)


First dish of appetizer


Second dish appetizer






Main dish





The course menu will be cooked with the ingredients you purchased on the day, so the content will be left to you.

Customers who like to eat your favorite ingredients as you like, customers with allergies,

Customers who do not like the foods we recommend recommend using à la carte dishes.



The course menu above is a daily change course course.


Application will be made up to the previous day.

In case

Even for customers who have made reservations on the day, if there is no application for course meal by the day before,

We do not offer courses on the day, so please understand. In case


The picture below will be a course dish for a day.

Since it differs from the dish of the day, please look at it until the reference. In case

The latest news is upgrading course meals at our shop Google+ (click on the icon below).

Sapporini is an a la carte as the basic menu.

As we change according to the purchase of the day, the menu will be fun after visiting us,

Menu that you can enjoy appetizer, pasta, main, and wine with one hand

We offer daily, female customers finally,

There seems to be many people who are completed in separate belly desserts.



The popular menu is Sapporini style with a classic appetizer platter


ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー

sapporini daily à la carte of one day (by reference)

(Fee excluding tax)




Four kinds of cheese 4 hills 600 yen

Tripper's tomato boiled 700 yen

Assorted olives 480 yen

Boiled asparagus and raw ham 750 yen

Teratta baked with Italian Probolene cheese 1,200 yen

Grilled bull shoulder rose and Mozzarella in Carozza salad 1050 yen

Today's carpaccio 850 yen

Country style putty, persimmon and ricotta bruschetta 800 yen

Assorted appetizer Sapporini style 1500 yen


primo piatto. pasta


Penne blue cheese sauce 1100 yen

Ringe red crepe cream tomato sauce 1100 yen

Tagliatelle Furano beef and tomato's Sugo 1100 yen

Spaghetti Cacho e Paper 950 yen

Myra Lady style spaghetti Arrio Erio Peperoncino 950 yen

Package Octopus and basil sauce 1100 yen

Spaghetti Pomodoro Evillo Rico 950 yen


main dish


Tariata white balsamic variegated flavor 1380 yen

Organic natural pig Matsusaka pork loins' bisteca Calcioff sauce 1380 yen

Cotretta of duck breast meat made in Hungary 1500 yen

Potenza style (with marinated spicy oil) of lamb with bone Loose 1750 yen

Tokachi beef lamp Meat Visteca 1650 yen




Berry's black starter with mango pudding 500 yen

Fresh pine and vanilla ice 500 yen

Pastiticelli (Assortment of sweets) 500 yen

Almond's Gateau coconut with panna cotta 500 yen

Chocolate tart with strawberries and cassis gelato with coppers 500 yen

Complimentary caramel Yogurt with mousse 500 yen




It is an example of a wine list There are many others (price excluding tax)

spuante Sparkling wine full bottle


Leave yourself today Sparkling wine 2500 yen

2 due 2500 yen

sabartes riserve 3800 yen

nino franco rustico 3800 yen

bellenda prosecco 3900 yen

adami bosco di gica 4800 yen

bella bista franciacolta 6500 yen

champagne chyapuy 6000 yen

bollinger special cuve 8800 yen


Bino Bianco white wine

biobio chardonnay 2500 yen

poggio le volpi frascati 2980 yen

vinosia falanghina 3600 yen

F. mondo antico perpolio 4850 yen

D. florant garaudet meursaut 5000 yen

calera chardonnay cuve v 6000 yen

planeta cometa 8000 yen

querciabella bata'r 14500 yen


Vino Rosso Red wine

cusumano cabernet souvignion 2500 yen

poggio bertaio umbria rosso 3600 yen

emilio buffon piclit neri 4500 yen

C.T.del barolo barbaresco 4980 yen

dettori chimbanta 5500 yen

farnese edizione 6800 yen

la spinetta barbera bionzo 12500 yen

lisini brunello di montalcino ugolaia 15500 yen


Vino Dolce dessert wine

nicosia zibibbo 4200 yen

di leonardo pass the cookies 4980 yen

fattoria del ciero vinsanto 2000 5800 yen

avignionesi vinsanto occhio di pernice 1992 46800 yen


Degestivo after dinner wine glass selling 30ml

grappa polli 650 yen

grappa ornellaia 800 yen

grappa avignonesi 1999 900 yen

berta tre sori tre 1200 yen

bert paolo berta 1600 yen